The project is dedicated to three contemporary operas staged by the Ukho in 2016—2018 and is based on video recordings and stage sets from these operas. The audience will be able to explore the operas, their plot, music, stage design and history of their creation without the time constraints of the theater format. In 2016-2018, Ukho Agency presented three operas: Limbo by Stefano Giervasoni (2016), Bread. Salt. Sand by Carmine Cella (2017; commissioned by Ukho) and My Treacherous Light by Salvatore Charrino (2018). The operas were staged with leading European soloists, musicians of the Ukho Ensemble, and contemporary Ukrainian artists, and became the first modern operas on the country's main opera stage. Fossils transforms the linear narratives of these operas into a non-linear exhibition environment consisting of video recordings of the operas, audiovisual installations, and art objects. The exhibition focuses on the features of opera productions that are difficult to see from the auditorium during a theatrical performance.
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