Ukho Ensemble with Luiggi Gaggero

conductor: luiggi gaggero
performance: ukho ensemble
curator: sasha andrusyk
artist: katya libkind
year: 2021
The concert opened the musical program of the Fossils exhibition project. We tried to avoid literalism, therefore, at the concerts, we didn't quote opera material, but showcased related works, primarily chamber music by composers Stefano Giervasoni, Carmine Cella, and Salvatore Charrino, but not only. La mémoire de l'eau by Carmine Chella is dedicated to the composer's wife for all the words she does not speak.  Introduzione all'oscuro is an early work by Salvatore Schirinzi.  Animato by Stefano Gervasoni is the starting point of which was a fragment from Francis Ponge's On the Side of Things:  It is impossible to escape from a tree using another tree. Drawing by Toshio Hosokawa, was performed by the Ukho ensemble at their very first concert program six years ago.
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