the pavilion of culture is a community of curators, researchers, and experts who decided to unite around the idea of creating the institution

photo: yevhenii avramenko

 We work at the intersection of contemporary visual art, new music, and architecture.

the pavilion is the space for artistic experiments, research projects and public events

founders and curators

Sasha Andrusyk ( music  ) Olga Balashova ( visual art  ) Victor Glushchenko ( visual art  ) Maria Lanko ( visual art  ) Lizaveta German ( visual art ) Iryna Miroshnykova ( architecture ) Oleksii Petrov ( architecture  )
exhibition Prologue, 2020
Anna Zvyagintseva, To Draw Your Own Window, To Crumple The Paper  (rebar, welding), 2015
photo: Yevhen Nikiforov, 2020

 Pavilion 13 Coal (ukr. вугілля) was built in 1967 at Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNG) in Kyiv as a space for exhibitions of the achievements of the Ukrainian SSR coal industry

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dismantling at the Pavilion 13, 2020

An important part of the program is the restoration of the Pavilion 13 It is planned to be done in several stages with the involvement of sponsors, researchers, experts from various fields and artists.

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